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My cousin, James Campfield has been a patient at Northdale Rehabilitation for two months and his care has been excellent. His sister, Anne, has been with him everyday. James got a roommate about one month ago, and according to Anne, the roommate's family, headed by Jeanna, was very rude to the staff. I came to Tampa the last week of June 2022, and am here again to visit my cousin for a week. I stay all day and have had ample opportunity to meet the staff and observe the rehab program and level of care give to patients. I give an A+ to every aspect of Northdale, especially to the CNA, Daisy Ortiz. James has thrived under her expert and compassionate care. James's sister, Anne, was very upset when the roommate's family, who complained loudly about everything, forbid Daisy to enter the room. Anne expressed her concern to the management that James was deprived of Daisy's excellent care just because the roommate's family did not like her. Finally, when the roommate left the facility, Daisy was allowed to take care of James again, and I have seen him flourish since late June. I was very happy to see Daisy. According to James, himself, " Daisy is unfailingly kind and attentive." James was incensed when he read Jeanna's remarks about Daisy. Anne, James and I believe Daisy deserves an apology, and we are happy to vouch for her competence and kindness.
Rosemary McKillip
This building is filled with positivity , great programs and a team full of truly caring healthcare providers . There are a lot of mediocre/bad nursing facilities out there , this is not one of them .
Taylor Holt
FIVE STARS. No place is perfect but to me the most important thing is the staff, the medical assistance, RNs, CNAs, doctors, physical therapists, etc. And because of them I rate this place 5 stars. These people actually CARE. They periodically stop by my room, stick their head in and ask, is there anything I can get for you? Is there anything you need? They are PROACTIVE in their care. I don’t see bad or sassy attitudes as I did in the previous place I stayed. They smile, they’re friendly, and they beam when I tell them I give this place 5 stars and the personnel 5 stars. This place isn’t new and the food is ok. But If you need rehabilitation this one beats any others I’ve heard about and night and day over the nightmare other one I stayed in. Thank you Northdale Rehabilitation Center.
Susanna Madden
My wife has been here for six months. We have never had a problem with the staff. The nurses, cna's, office staff are wonderful. Wish I could give more than a 5 star rating. Rooms and hallways are very clean, security is excellent. This is the third rehab center we have been in this year and beats all the others hands down.
H.D. White
This is a beautiful facility, nice large rooms, responsive staff and great therapy. I sent someone to stay for short term rehab and all I’m hearing is great things about the place! If your looking for a facility I recommend you swing by and ask for a tour you will be impressed!
Excellent center, staff is loving and caring towards your loved one. They keep you informed and updated on the care. If there is any issue you can address it with the leadership team and they will rectify it in a timely manner. Highly recommended.
Anali Dishmey
We had our grams brought in for care after a hip surgery. Admissions went smoothly, when she came in the aid was there at the ready. Welcomed us & received us with lots of smiles & attention. Explained what she'll be doing. Grams loved the place & her aid. If you come here ask for a cna named Elsa. She's the best!!! Funny, upbeat & ready to help. The facility is amazingly well kept & clean also!
Ami Wolvez
Wonderful place! Great employees super fantastic therapy
Hailey D
Nursing staff are very friendly and my father in law says the food isnt bad either. The place is very clean. I was worried that tha place would smell like orhers I have visited, but no its is well taken care of. Thanks for caring for my father in law.
Mark Vest
Beautiful Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. I highly recommend you stop by for a tour if you are looking for a caring team to provide 24-hour nursing services for your family member.
Tom O'Neill
I've worked for Northdale Rehab (formerly known as ManorCare of Carrollwood) for almost two years. I was initially introduced to this center as a four month intern prior to this. Once my internship was over, I decided to stay on as an employee when I was offered a position in the Admissions department. I decided to remain here because I was so impressed with the positive outcomes demonstrated by the internal rehab team that works hard to get patients back to their home environment. If returning home is your goal, this is the place to be!
Marissa Mumblow
I recently toured this friendly facility and was pleasantly surprised by how clean it was. The Team consists of professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate health care workers who really pay attention to the little details related to care management. I strongly recommend this facility for short term rehab, long term care and for employment opportunities. I rate this facility FIVE STAR!!!
Monica Greenlaw
The employees are terrific. I have nothing negative to say. From the cleaning employees to the , nurses, Therapist, dieticians, Social Workers and everyone else KUDOS to you all. And double KUDOS to the hard working CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANTS.
Johnnie Jennings
Hello My name is Nicole and my mom was taken excellent care there at Manor Care
My mother-in-law has been at Manorcare of Carrollwood for two years. She came here after suffering a hip fracture at another facility . She also suffers from Alzheimer's disease and is not easy to take care of. The staff at Manorcare have taken excellent care of her. Everyone walking by stops to talk to her and give her a hug, which she really enjoys. They were prepared for Hurricane Irma and had boarded windows and hundreds of jugs of water just in case. They never lost power and had extra staff on hand.They were well prepared for the storm and we felt she would be safe under her care.
Susan Groner
The staff and facility is really a nice place if you have to be at one, the only bad feature is it is not set up for the handicap person. The food is really terrible and often served cold or luke warm. The amount they give you is less than a child would eat. And not to mention how poor there Menu is. I quess you cannot have everything.
Rocco Jacobazzi
Overall, the staff is excellent. Always pleasant and accommodating. Therapy staff knowledgeable and kind. The food is good and varied.
Carol Fernandez
Staff is friendly very helpful, my stay there was absolutely great. The facilities are clean and kept after. Food has always been good.Surgery tomorrow and back to Manor Care....
Karin Vess
Thank you for taking such great care of my grandmother. She has always come there for short term pt and rehab and we never had a problem. It is always clean and staff is friendly. We love the single bed rooms and the fact that you made sure she was treated with respect and as a vaild human. My grandmother also got her hair done there and loved it. Physical Therapy was consistent and she was fully rehabilitated by the time she left. Thank you not every place is like yours. My grandmother recently went to another center and it was horrible she will never go anywhere but manor care!❤❤❤❤❤
LeeAnn Peach
servicio bueno
Janet Acevedo